IPhone owners will be happy with XR.

iPhone XR does not support tracking technology forces pressing on the display the 3D Touch, which is one of the main disadvantages of the smartphone. However, part of the usual 3D Touch gestures work on the iPhone XR — they are not reinforced, and a long press on the display and are accompanied by a tactile response of the engine Taptic Engine. Apple called made for iPhone XR system Haptic Touch. Today it was announced that the next versions of iOS 12 set of gestures Haptic Touch on iPhone XR will be greatly expanded.

Haptic Touch capabilities will be expanded in the next major iOS updates 12. iPhone XR will receive a number of new functions that significantly simplify the work with the smartphone. What gestures Haptic Touch appears on the iPhone XR currently unknown, but sources say that their will be a lot.

Specific release dates of the improvements for the Haptic Touch is also not called. However, knowing the scrupulousness of Apple regarding software, doubt the new chips Haptic Touch is not necessary.

Experts believe that in the future will replace the Touch Haptic 3D Touch. It is assumed that no iPhone sample 2019 will not support traditional 3D Touch technology.

Source: MacRumors


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