Record speed iPhone XS and XS, Max in the Network, which Apple managed to achieve thanks to advanced technology modems and 4×4 MIMO, for some owners of the novelties was nothing more than a myth. It follows from the materials of the official Apple support forum where the first people are complaining about terribly slow speeds when connecting smartphones to Wi-Fi and LTE, claiming that they work even slower than the old models.

According to users who faced the problem, a bad signal is observed only when you work with LTE without affecting the 3G, and only in the iPhone XS or XS Max. Earlier models of the iPhone in the same conditions demonstrate stable reception and high-speed data transmission.

Why iPhone XS is not working with LTE

“I activated my iPhone XS Max yesterday and everything was fine — said by onepoint. — After a minute or two the signal became worse, and the transfer is stopped. Disabling LTE has led to a shift to 3G. The switch back on LTE lasted 1-2 minutes, after which everything repeats itself.”

The problem is the modem?

Because the problem, apparently, is not operator dependent, some experts attribute its manifestation with modems, which Apple uses. As you know, in the current generation iPhone manufacturer was forced to abandon the Qualcomm chips in favor of Intel, which has never been famous for the ability to operate at extremely high speeds, giving the competitors almost all indicators.

the iPhone XS is not connected to Wi-Fi 5 GHz

Another disadvantage of iPhone XS and XS Max, noticed by owners is that smartphones have for some unknown reason, prefer Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz, completely ignoring the 5 GHz. This is very strange because even previous iPhone generations always connects to the faster channel. Probably the failure is related to the shortcomings of the software and will be fixed with the release of one of the next updates.


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