Last Friday started the official sales of new Apple smartphones. Now new items can be purchased in 30 countries around the world. With the start of sales of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Max fell into the hands of enthusiasts who began to actively test the new device. For example, to test their strength.

At the presentation, the cupertinos have noted that the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Max differ from its predecessors not only more powerful filling, but also more sturdy glass body. However, the tests do not confirm it.

For example, the author of the famous Youtube channel jerryrigeverything once after a series of various tests, during which he scratched, burned and tried to bend the new iPhone Xs Max, came to the conclusion that the glass in the new Apple smartphones is about the same as most modern flagships.

Employees of the insurance company SquareTrade also came to the conclusion that the glass housing of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Max differ to some otherworldly strength. Experts were able to break the glass on the back side of a new 5.8-inch iPhone with only one attempt. To do this, they just dropped the smartphone on a hard surface from a height of 1.8 meters. iPhone Xs Max also could not manifest itself in this test. Back cover the 6.5-inch device is also covered with cracks after the first drop. If you fall on the front surface, the results are not better. And, in some cases, in addition to the damaged glass and expensive sensors.

In the end, the specialists SquareTrade quite appreciated the risk of damage to the new Apple smartphones. However, it is interesting that after a series of tests iPhone Xs Max performed a little better. In some cases, the 6.5-inch device is received not as much damage as the iPhone Xs.


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