The device is noticeably faster than the predecessors.

X iPhone compared with the iPhone XS , and iPhone XS, Max in the test on the connection speed of LTE network. Last year’s flagship showed good results, but the new smartphones was much faster. It is a merit of improved hardware components.

The speed of connection to cellular networks on iPhone X 71.7 Mbps. iPhone XS showed the result of 161 Mbps, and more iPhone Max XS — 166 Mbit/s. these are average numbers based on several rounds of tests. It is noteworthy that even the maximum speed iPhone X is less than the minimum performance of iPhone XS: 116 MB/s vs. 147 MB/s.

Tests conducted by the journalists of the resource iClarified. They used three iPhone running iOS 12, one SIM card, which in turn are installed in each device, the app Speedtest and one test server to connect to. In other words, smartphones were the most equal conditions.

The reason for the large difference in connection speed of LTE hardware components. iPhone XS iPhone XS Max was faster because of the new Gigabit modems, which supports 4×4 MIMO and LAA.

The test results also largely depend on the quality of a specific network operator, geographic location and weather conditions. However X iPhone loses to the latest flagships, even considering these factors.

Source: iClarified


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