The first “explosive” incident with the iPhone XS Max.

User iPhone XS Max from the US said that its completely new smart phone caught fire right in the pocket of his pants, and then altogether exploded. According to the victim, the iPhone was used for less than a month, the smartphone was operated correctly without rebooting temperature. This is the first fire iPhone Max XS, is fixed since the release of the smartphone.

The victim told about the incident. Initially, he felt a strange burning smell, and just a few seconds, his leg burned. The man quickly pulled out a smartphone from his back pocket and threw it on the ground. Of iPhone case XS Max was acrid smoke which, according to the user, he fairly breathed.

The user said that he had received the burn was not strong. However, he wanted to with Apple compensation not only for smartphone but also for damaged clothing. However, the Apple store employees where asked the owner of exploded iPhone XS Max, said that I can only exchange the smartphone for a new one, and then only after careful study.

In the end, the user decided not to return XS Max iPhone and deal with Apple’s “other methods”. In particular, the smartphone owner wants to receive additional compensation for his suddenly ignited and exploded the smartphone cost more than a thousand dollars.

Source: iDropNews.


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