The media became aware of the first case, fire iPhone, introduced by Apple in 2018. They became the model of iPhone XS Max. About his misadventures told the U.S. from Ohio Josh Hilliard (Josh Hillard).

According to Hilliard, he bought a smartphone just three years ago, when the machine suddenly caught fire in back pocket of his trousers. The user got a fright, slight burns and damaged clothing. And iPhone XS Max fell into disrepair.

Also Hillard complains that he managed to inhale the smoke, before he managed to extinguish the “fire”. When the iPhone XS Max light up, he was in the same room with the ladies, and he had to run out to remove the pants. In addition to broken iPhone XS Max, the user is left drenched with a fire extinguisher boots and trousers, the latter also with a hole in place of the pocket.

After contacting the official Apple store, he was dissatisfied with the service and decided to sue the company. The fact that he refused to issue a new smartphone and to reimburse the cost of damaged clothing without examining the apparatus in the laboratory.

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