The operation speed is higher than any praise.

New iPhone XS Max compare the test performance with the latest flagship Samsung — Galaxy Note9. Apple has shown amazing results in several synthetic tests and left behind a competitor. Thus, according to the features of the iPhone is losing to the Korean machine.

Geekbench iPhone 4 XS Max scored 4803 points in single-core 11 and 448 points in multi-core test. Galaxy Note9 showed 2451 and 8830 points respectively. It is noteworthy that the iPhone six-core processor, and Note9 — eight. In theory faster was supposed to be the Korean flagship. In the test, Geekbench performance graphics XS Max also does not leave any chance to the Samsung. The result: 22 527 980 points vs 13 points.

The second test is Antutu. Usually in this synthetic test better show yourself smartphones Korean manufacturer, but not this time. iPhone XS Max scored 364 287 points, and the Galaxy Note9 — 284 402. The performance of the CPU according to the version of Antutu was also higher than at the flagship Apple.

After successful completion of the performance test CPU, RAM and graphics for your iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note9 ran the tests on the speed of the browser. The winner was again a new model of Apple: the result was 43 points against 180 20 165 points, Note9.



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