Irkutsk customs officers found a consignment of counterfeit phone accessories. As reports a press-service of Irkutsk customs, the goods imported from China. In the Irkutsk airport cargo owner tried to pass customs control on “green” corridor, which implies the lack of products that require Declaration.

However, during the inspection the Chinese citizen was discovered a variety of mobile phone accessories: headphones, adapters, cases for cell phones in the range of a total number of 243 pieces. Among them were also 58 cases for cell phones of different sizes and colors, with markings in the form of a stylized image of a bitten Apple, as well as with the inscription “iPhone”.

“The official representative of the owner of the trademark “Apple” in Russia confirmed a counterfeit origin of cases for iPhones and demanded to bring the Chinese citizen for illegal use of registered trademarks to administrative responsibility, the report States. — The franchisor has estimated the material damage resulting from a violation of its intellectual property rights to the importation of counterfeit goods totaling more than 136 thousand rubles.”

In addition, the owner of the cargo found guilty of an administrative offence for failure to declare goods in the prescribed form. He admitted that he had planned to sell the goods in the Irkutsk shopping center, “Shanghai city”. But all the smuggled goods seized.

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