If all the fans of the old iPhone at least for a day decides to take advantage of more modern smartphones, the Apple boom is expected guaranteed sales.

Analysts regularly report that the majority of people that use the iPhone, released over two years ago, in the third quarter of 2018 remains extremely high.

The design proposed for the iPhone 5 have been extremely successful. The phone is comfortable to hold in small hands. Thanks to the flat edges, the gadget can be put on its side without fear that he will slip. Capacity the extremely popular iPhone SE enough to perform everyday tasks. And its low cost and large number of available accessories make the machine utilitarian.

I until recently used iPhone SE and did not plan to change it to something else, even though financial capability was. And to buy a new smartphone, almost without leaving home — to live well in the center of a small town.

However circumstances have developed so that my hands “for a couple of days” got the iPhone 7. In the race before and I must say — do not make my mistake, don’t take “use” iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X if you have something like the iPhone SE, and you are completely satisfied. There is no going back. And here’s why.


“Normal at the SE screen, — thought I, — why do I need more?”. Indeed, the screen is quite good, but have the same “seven” display is better, brighter and more accurate colors. Its convex liquid surface is pleasant to touch. On this screen it is much easier not only to watch videos from YouTube but also read news, blog posts or even ebooks.


Regular, not Plus version fits perfectly in one hand. I can reach all the side buttons, regardless of which hand you hold the smartphone.

Touch ID

Fingerprint scanner and SE worked well. But to unlock the phone wet or smeared with cream hands was almost impossible. I even joked that if anything, applying the scanner my smartphone to my fingers is completely useless — he may not recognize me and at the fifth attempt.

Thanks to the constructive features of the iPhone 7, use Touch ID, it became much easier. The phone instantly recognizes me, and the recognition does not work in quite exceptional cases. Vibration feedback helps to understand that the finger is attached correctly. And it’s already nice on a tactile level.

Johnny Ive is not in vain eat their own bread — from the standpoint of design and physical sensations updated iPhone models give good odds to the appearance of past generations.

What remained unchanged

I didn’t have to get used to the “seven” not one more minute. Moved account, scanned the relevant fingers — all mobile ready. There was a feeling that I have enjoyed them always. Very organically and thoughtfully.

Maybe that’s why iPhone 8 sold so well all over the world. The people who decided on the change of form factor, choose the most recent model and immediately begin to use it without feeling the slightest discomfort.

True, some imperfections iOS 11 have not gone away. But on the iPhone 7 are not as noticeable as on the iPhone SE.

The only caveat

Camera. Not as a camera, to it I have no complaints. Frames are bigger, better, clearer, brighter, better and richer.

But he he lens is a concern. I’m afraid of scratching it. So I try to put the mobile carefully or so that the camera does not contact any rough surfaces.

iPhone 7 I got without a case. If the situation does not change, will have to buy some kind of case. Good that they are now also quite a large selection.

Now I’m sure to upgrade to the new model I had before. It’s easier and more convenient. The phone becomes a full-fledged working tool and performs all functions assigned to it, without any effort on my part.

But even such a positive experience there is one “negative” point. Given the impression of iPhone 7, I’m not even trying to pick up iPhone X. first, I’m afraid to break it. And secondly, if I like him, I can’t go back now to the iPhone 7. And observing the familiar owners of the flagships only reinforce this conclusion. After a couple of days of complaints about how all the unusual and cries of “who does that!?”, people are so much adapts to the smartphone that begins to consider unlocking by finger technology “stone age” and does not understand why he once needed a “Home”button.


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