Children may not attend educational organization in extreme cold. For preschoolers and students “nachalki” allowed to stay home when the temperature is -25°C and below. Middle level 5th-9th grade may not study at a temperature of -30°C and below. For high school students, school is obligatory, if the outside temperature is above -35°C.

Frost covered Novosibirsk oblast on Friday 31 January, sometimes in the night the temperature fell to -47°C. the Cold will linger in the region for a week. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday 4 February at night the temperature drops to -34…-32°C, the day will be less cold — -30…-28°C. at Night light snow, light rain in the afternoon. The wind speed will be 2-7 m/s.

Less optimistic forecast gives “Yandex. Weather”: a day of -33°C, night -39 °C. Rosgidromettsentrom reports about -32°C during the day and decreasing to -36°C at night. Western service (Apple iOS, Android) predicts to Novosibirsk Monday, February 4, -39°C in the morning when students go to educational institution, day according will warm up to -32°C.

On teachers attendance rules of the school the cold did not do school work in full even in the freezing weather. The lesson will be conducted even if the class will come one student. If the class is no more than 20% of children, teachers are recommended to focus on the repetition of material. Responsibility for decision-making on truancy take the parents. They should inform the class teacher or to the school administration first by telephone and then in writing.

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