Apple may launch a bundled subscription to several services, including access to television shows of its own production. This writes Recode, citing an informed source from the industry. Thus, ascertain the sources, in Cupertino are planning on monetizing branded video content, the launch of which is planned in the future.

Batch subscription

Variant with batch subscription, which includes access to several Apple products have been repeatedly cited by industry experts as the most promising scenario of the company. In particular, this position is shared by analysts Horace Didier and Ben Bajarin, who offered the Apple to transfer to a subscription model of distribution as a service, and the iPhone.

In the case considered by the Recode, though it does not appear hardware goods, all speak not only of Music and Apple iCloud, but AppleCare. The final decision about what services should be included in the General membership, which may remain unsold, will be taken after the end of the study.

Own video service Apple

Recode emphasizes that there is another scenario, does not exclude the first. Along with the batch subscription in Cupertino are considering the possibility to distribute their television shows to the Apple TV, or through self-service. In the case of a separate program, the cost of access to video content will be significantly lower than, for example, Netflix.


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