Download the app “Whatsup” on the phone or computer, you can chat with users absolutely free. This uses only the Internet traffic. But what if the correspondence has been removed? The article will talk about how to restore the correspondence in “Watape” after it has been deleted on the phone iPhone.

Recovery correspondence

If there is a question about how to restore the correspondence in “Watape” after its removal on the iPhone, so, most likely, been removed important information. It is worth remembering that the data can be restored only in case, if you have previously backed up. If the earlier information was not saved, then it is beyond repair.

Important! If your telephone has a backup, then restore all pretty simple. Even if you bought a new phone, just insert a SIM card, download app and all information that was previously in the correspondence, will be restored on the new telephone.

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Creating a backup copy of

In order to restore the correspondence in “Watape” after it has been deleted on the iPhone, you need to learn how to create a backup. This can be done both in manual and in automatic mode. Professional users are the following options for saving information:

on the device to create a local repository, will be sent not only information about apps. Here you can store large number of photos, documents in different formats;

can be stored on Google drive.

Important! If you have not changed any settings in the app, in automatic mode, all that goes on “Watsup”, is stored once a day. If the settings have been changed, you will need to make them manually.

Adjusting the storage settings manually involves the following steps:

go in the application menu;

select “settings-chat backup”;

under manual tuning will be prompted to be saved on the device or disk. The user should select what he requires.

Only by configuring a backup storage in your phone, you can later restore the correspondence. But if the user phone the iPhone, then restore the correspondence and other method.


Restore using iCloud

The answer to the question how to restore the correspondence in “Watape” after delete on your phone the iPhone is quite simple and does not require any additional actions. It is sufficient to do the following:

you need to create an Apple ID account. The entry is created immediately after the acquisition of the iPhone, because this feature is quite useful for this model;

after a record is created, you need to sign in to iCloud, choose “settings synchronization”. At the moment, the app must already be downloaded to the phone;

all switches that are opposite of each application must be active. The only way all the data received on the phone will be saved automatically.

The iCloud service is safe, reliable, as it was designed specifically for the iPhone. When using the service the user gets access to files regardless of location. Most importantly for his work on the Internet.

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The Program UltData

If iCloud has not been activated, you can use an additional program that is installed on the phone. Called Tenorshare UltData. When using the results of the recovery may depend on limitation removal information, as well as from the model of the phone.

Than the previously released phone, the more chances to recover the deleted data.

In order to use the program, proceed as follows:

connect the phone to the computer using the cable;

to run the program Tenorshare UltData;

the program will automatically detect the connected phone;

go to the recovery menu where you should choose only those items that you want to restore;

information is restored.

The best way to restore information is to create a backup. Therefore it is necessary to take care of this in advance.


to restore a previously deleted conversation, you can use ICloud;

if ICloud is not activated, it is best to download any extra program on a computer — Tenorshare UltData;

for quality copy, you need to create a vault where you can store not only documents, but also pictures of a large volume.

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