The answer to an important question iPhone users.

Among iPhone users it is widely believed that the Apple smartphones are no viruses. The main reason for the popularity of this version lies in the lack of complaints from iPhone owners that virus in the result of malicious actions who steal money or slowing down the operation of the device. But really for the iPhone there are no viruses? Experts of the research company Cybereason gave the answer to this question.

Virus on iPhone: whether or not

The official position of the experts of the company Cybereason, confirmed by the testing of tens of thousands of iOS apps from the number of “potentially dangerous”: for the iPhone there are viruses, but regular users to worry about infecting their smartphones need not in principle.

And it’s not that Apple scrutinizes the apps and games that the developers added to the App Store. IOS has a powerful multi-level security system. This allows hackers to create apps with which you can perform mass attacks. Without access to the iOS kernel and often without physical access to the iPhone, all of these virus apps are useless. The kernel of iOS is closed by layers of protection, crack that usual run the application on a device is impossible.

But viruses for the iPhone exist? Yes, for iPhone there are advanced virus applications, which are created by order of special services of different countries, said Cybereason. These viruses infect specific iPhone users in shadowing which intelligence services are interested.

Against the usual iPhone users these tools are not applied. Yes, and so can’t infect the smartphone will have to access it.

As to fraudulent applications, then there are plenty on the iPhone, experts said. Recently especially much subject to malicious apps that make paid subscription (how to check the subscription) on the iPhone without explicit user confirmation.

Literally at the end of 2018 in the App Store and does happen “mini-epidemic” of malicious applications that are fraudulently copied user a lot of money. They asked the victims to place your finger on the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, ostensibly to body analysis, but in fact it was necessary for confirmation of registration pay expensive subscription.

Apple regularly fights such malicious applications. After a sensational case at the end of 2018, the company has strengthened the protection of users from such applications, and require the developer to explicitly tell users about all conditions of paid subscriptions.


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