The company tried their best for customers.

Apple was not too happy with the sales of iPhone X, therefore decided to reduce the cost of their new smartphones sample 2018. Today authoritative analysts from TrendForce said that the company really managed to do it via tougher negotiations with suppliers. Due to this Apple will release the new iPhone at a reduced price.

Apple “pushed” the majority of suppliers of components for the iPhone with the aim to reduce procurement prices. The company has conducted successful negotiations and have agreed to reduce the cost of key components, including display panels Samsung.

This has allowed Apple to reduce the final price for the new iPhone, and keep the profits for each sold smartphone on the same level. Analysts believe that Apple’s actions will have a positive impact on the sales of the new iPhone. Last year, many consumers pushed the high price of iPhone X. Despite this, the flagship could be one of the best selling smartphones in the world.

Also, experts stressed that this year Apple will make a big bet on low-cost compared to the flagship iPhone 9. 6.1-inch smartphone with LCD display will be released in large numbers. It is expected that the model will attract buyers with an updated design, support for Face ID, multi-colored buildings and of course low price.

Source: MR.


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