The smartphone Apple next generation, which will be released in 2019, will be thinner and lighter thanks to a display technology of Samsung. It is reported by the Korean edition ETNews citing informed sources in the supply chain.

At least one model of the “iPhone” of 2019 will receive a technology called Y-Octa, which involves the integration of touch layer directly into the OLED panel. The current devices of the touch panel is separate and is located between the screen and protective glass. Removing the intermediate layer, the new design will not only make the device thinner and lighter, but also reduce production costs.

According to ETNews, Samsung’s new technology will be ready for next year. Initial supply volumes will be limited, therefore, the first OLED panel with touch sensors will probably get the older model iPhone 2019.

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Samsung has long been the only provider of OLED displays for iPhone X and iPhone XS/XS Max. The monopoly destroyed the LG in September. The Koreans managed to take over the firm Tim cook from “ekranizatsii”, having mastered the technology of the panels, organic LEDs on a large scale, which meets the strict quality standards of Apple.

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