Fix iPhone XR work even at home.

Specialists of the company iFixit rated the repairability of the new smartphone Apple iPhone XR. Experts fully disassembled the mobile and found out how difficult it is to repair the device, and saw some major differences in the design of the iPhone XR compared to other Apple smartphones.

The main difference in the design of the XR from iPhone latest iPhone models is in the form of a battery. Have iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS iPhone Max with an L-shaped dual batteries. IPhone XR battery rectangular, like all the Apple smartphones of last year to “tens”.

Despite this, the capacity of the battery iPhone the XR slightly less than the record iPhone XS Max — 11,16 12,08 WH vs WH, respectively. In this case, the battery life of the iPhone XR in daily use is even higher than the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.

Also, experts iFixit found that the iPhone XR is a tray for SIM-card. It is modular, making it very easy to replace in case of failure.

Evaluation of the maintainability iPhone XR to six points on a scale. This means that the smartphone really to repair at home using all necessary tools. Similar assessment have all of the latest Apple smartphones: iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

Source: iFixit.


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