The original creators of the bill said that spending will not.

The members of the group “Communication & IT” at the government of Russia has estimated the costs of the execution of the bill on the Autonomous operation of the Russian Internet. According to the analysis, the implementation costs of the bill will amount to 134 billion rubles a year. In addition, the experts stressed that implementation of the bill will increase the likelihood of failures in the Internet.

Simultaneously the cost of creating a sovereign Internet to Russia will amount to 25 billion rubles. The money you will need to create registers and their further management, the exercise and the necessary research and extension agencies of Roskomnadzor.

Then on Autonomous Russian Internet will have to spend 134 billion rubles each year. These funds will be needed to compensate for Internet service providers in case of violations in the network. Moreover, the experts noted that the probability of occurrence of such violations really are.

Earlier, the senators who drafted the bill, reported that its implementation does not require any additional costs. According to them, all the costs of the bill are already incorporated in the national project “Digital economy”.

Note that the government has criticized the first version of the bill to create the Autonomous Internet in Russia. The deputies did not like one of the key wording of the bill that the creation of a sovereign Internet is needed because of “growing threats of the Internet in Russia.” The government indicated that the bill is not informed of what threats are growing in relation to the operation of the Internet.

Source: Kommersant.


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