In June 2018, it became known that Samsung is actively working to create a bendable smartphone. New patents help to understand how it will bend the gadget. LetsGoDigital has published several schemes.

Some information about the model Samsung Galaxy X was known before the patent. Most likely, the novelty will cost twice as expensive than the iPhone X. the Smartphone will have a flexible OLED-display with a diagonal of 7.3 inches literally and 4.5 inches when folded.

According to the images accompanying the patent, the screen of the Galaxy X will be divided into two parts in the ratio of 60:40. With special sensor, the smartphone will be able to understand in what position is the top panel and, if necessary, disable the lower part.

Galaxy X will not just respond to bending but also to determine the angle between the screen and the speed at which the user changed the configuration of the gadget.

Depending on the situation, the smartphone will be able to select the most suitable mode of illumination. In most cases, the upper part of the display is used to display the most urgent information.

The owner of the device can communicate only with the selected area of the screen and the whole display area.

The patents show that Samsung has the technology needed to implement such decisions in life. However, the company is not obliged to use all of them. Perhaps some of the principles of the work will be presented in a bendable Samsung Galaxy X.


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