Journalists managed to find out what University he graduated from Deni Baisarov, son of the singer and actress Kristina Orbakaite from the Chechen businessman Ruslan Baysarov, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva. Earlier, the young man’s mother said that the young man is studying in some prestigious London University. The specific name of the University she flatly refused to call.

However, correspondents found out that the pictures, which the mayor previously posted, it is near the Guildhall, or residence of the Lord mayor of the city. Opposite this building is the main building of the London branch of the School of business booth.

By the way, the mother Baysarov Kristina Orbakaite noted that her son was learning the basics of the business. In addition, young people interested in photography, doing photo shoots of friends.

Let us add that the business School is a very popular University. Nine graduates became Nobel laureates in Economics. Some head of a large company: for example, Apple or Microsoft. Note that for the three years of training parents to give their children a minimum of 150 thousand dollars, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Recall that Denis Baysarov about ten years ago was at the center of feuds of their stellar parents. We all remember how he fought for the father and mother. Ruslan Baisarov has done everything possible to Orbakajte not seen with the child. Even the influence of the prima Donna Alla Pugacheva from time to time did not help. Only a few months later Orbakaite and Baisarov was able to find common ground on this issue. At the moment Denis Baysarov has become an adult. Noticeably warmer and the relationship of his parents, which, of course, can not be called friends, but also fierce enemies, many years ago, they, fortunately, for the star family to be stopped. Both after a breakup, started a new family.

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