Apple will not hurry, but can pay for it.

Checked the sources of authoritative edition of Bloomberg said that Apple is developing the iPhone with support for 5G, but will not rush its release. According to insiders, Bloomberg, iPhone 5G module will be released until 2020. The reason Apple is not planning to rush lies in the unwillingness of the company to provide an opportunity that cannot be used due to the lack of mass public 5G networks.

Chinese manufacturers Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are planning to release the first smartphones with support for 5G in the next year. Them intends to join and the company Samsung, which is preparing its first 5G smartphone. Despite the activity of its competitors, Apple will not go ahead using new technology in the iPhone.

According to sources Bloomberg, as in the case with 3G and 4G, the previous two generations of mobile networks, Apple will take a wait and see position. The company will release the first iPhone with support for 5G, when it really is necessary for the market. This means that Apple will have to wait for the emergence of a large number of public 5G-networks in various countries of the world.

Gartner analyst mark hung believes that Apple can pay for their wait. According to him, the spread of 5G in the world will happen much faster than 4G. But most importantly, that support 5G will give smartphones a lot of new possibilities, who wants to try consumers. In this case, they will have to abandon the new iPhone models and smartphones from other manufacturers, which already have support 5G.

Source: Bloomberg.


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