After him will raise prices and other providers.

At the end of October it became known that in 2019 the Russian ISPs will raise prices for home Internet. According to experts, it is inevitable, as providers will have to respond to the increase in VAT and the costs of enforcement of the “law of Spring”. Some providers decided not to wait for the onset of 2019 and started to raise the fee for home Internet now. One of them was widely used throughout Russia Rostelecom.

“Rostelecom” has increased the price of home Internet in some regions, including the Urals, the Volga region and some areas in the North-West district of Russia. The increase in monthly fees for home Internet ranged from 5 to 7%.

Subscribers of “Rostelecom” received an alert from the ISP to increase the cost of home Internet. “Rostelecom” explained that the increase in fees is “within the framework of a General increase in prices.”

Indeed, in the near future it is expected that all providers will raise the fee for home Internet. Earlier, the experts stated that providers just have to do it because of what is happening in the market changes. In particular, due to the fact that from 1 January 2019 in Russia will be raised the VAT from 18% to 20%.

Source: Statements.


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