Not all used smartphones are equally good

We are not definitely advised to not consider new products, just want to tell you about a few models, the acquisition of which may be more profitable event.

And in the process of finding the right option for the trading floors (Avito, OLX, etc.) you should definitely pay attention to the integrity of the case, screen, to verify upon receipt. And remember — no prepayments!

The following smartphones were released about two years ago, but still relevant. And their price is optimal, given the technical characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (S8+)

Estimated value of 19 thousand rubles. Not so long ago in the sale were “a dozen”, then the value of the S9 a little bit decreased. So why not to take then “nine”? The fact is that S8 is not much worse than the new device characteristics, but the price is significantly lower.

Here, the camera is excellent, very high quality screen, which still falls short of most modern flagships from other manufacturers. Bright colors, incredible contrast, oleophobic coating, protection from moisture and dust, plus many other brand of chips. iPhone 8 (Plus)

Estimated cost: 30 thousand rubles. Not everyone can afford to buy every year a new IPhone for 1-1,2 thousand dollars. Someone is trying to chase the fashionable technological trends and prepares a loan to buy expensive “yablofona”.

But why pay more if you really are 3-4 times cheaper to buy the machine two years ago. After all, this is Apple! It doesn’t become outdated morally and physically in such a short period of time. Now I have, for example, an old 6S. And works perfectly, although it is more than 4 years.

“Eight” boasts a powerful stuffing, excellent image quality, a large amount of internal storage (up to 256GB).

And let the screen has not a modern “bangs”, but not all of it like!

Next, we consider the best and most reliable phones up to 15 000 rubles. Xiaomi Mi 8
Estimated cost: 14 thousand. Where the same without Saami! The brand will soon claim the title of leader for sales (as Huawei because of the US sanctions began to lose their positions).

Every year, the Chinese company releases dozens of new models of different series. Most of the Top is Mi. In 2018, was presented the flagship of the Mi 8, which later appeared “younger brother” — Lite. However, consideration should be given to the older series models, as the price fell sharply after the release of the gadget of the next generation.

This phone is all the camera, case, and screen specifications. By the way, 14 000 easily buy a model with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal storage. And the processor will not be far behind in performance from the newer devices. OnePlus 5t
Estimated cost: 15 thousand rubles. May find this gadget will not be easy, but worth it. Recently we have talked about why you should prefer used smartphone Winplus 5T in comparison with novelties. You can follow the link and read the review.

Especially for the price You will buy is not “dead rubbish” device, and the device is in excellent condition, which will definitely distinguish You from the gray mass of owners of budget Chinese devices. Moto Force Z2

Estimated cost: 13 thousand rubles. Was once such a popular brand Motorola. After a series of UPS and downs it was bought, renamed Moto. Sometimes produced quite a good model that can compete with Samsung, Huawei. But the overall situation for the company is not the best way. To regain its former glory is not obtained.

But this model stands out for its design, attracts a great combination of performance and price. The original solution from the manufacturer. I advise you to watch live presentation on Youtube and You will immediately fall in love with this device. So that turned out a selection of the best BA phones to 15,000 rubles. May You have wishes, suggestions, comments to our publication? Feel free to leave comments. How to enable T9 on Meizu regardless of the model

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