Apple Pay users can not only transfer funds to each other, but also to cancel the transaction. That can lead to account lockout, complain to Reddit visitors.

Payment system Pay Apple was quite widely spread. Many iPhone owners start to consider it as an alternative to Bank accounts and cards. They do not take the resulting translation and hoarding money in your account to turn to pay for small purchases at flea markets or other accounts.

However, the system does not always work smoothly. A Reddit user under the nickname Sometimesexaggerates shared his story:

“I used Apple Pay to make purchases and other cases, for example, give money in debt to friends, and then they transferred funds back to my account. Little by little, the balance gathered 3 thousand dollars.

Then I lent someone money and they decided to return them to me via Apple Pay. I agreed and made the payment. For reasons unknown to me, in a few days they canceled the transaction at his Bank.

Apple Pay and then decided that I tried twice to get the same money and blocked my account with all funds in the account!”.

Users that holds a small amount of Apple Pay unlikely to pay attention to it. However, those who translate large amounts, may be in a difficult situation.

In various regions of the service Apple Pay do third-party services. Some of them allow to cancel transactions made through debit or credit card. Sometimes, the payment can be rotated if the recipient has not yet had time to withdraw money from the system. Often in such cases, instead of freezing only the amount of the transaction, the service will block the entire account.

Perhaps this problem will be solved soon. Apple continues to develop its own payment system and promises to expand its capabilities in the near future.


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