What will he learn to do in a few years?

The company Boston Dynamics, which is developing an advanced humanoid robot Atlas, shared their recent successes. The company published a video demonstrating the new capabilities of the robot. This time Atlas has taught parkour.

In the video, Atlas is moving with a fairly large robot speed and first jumps over a log. The robot does this without apparent difficulty, it is not losing speed after the jump.

Then Atlas starts to jump on platforms which are located one above the other. Each jump of the robot is in a single movement, using only one leg. As a result, in order to climb to a height of more than a meter Atlas spent a matter of seconds. It is noteworthy that after this exercise the robot’s speed were not decreased.

Boston Dynamics regularly publishes videos that show new features of Atlas. For example, not so long ago, the company demonstrated how the robot does a full back flip.

Source: YouTube.


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