For the first time Apple has told about their first wireless charging station called AirPower a year ago. During the announcement cupertinos did not call the exact date of the beginning of sales of this accessory. However, it soon became known that buy AirPower will be in 2018. But after many predictions and rumors regarding the launch date, cupertinos is removed the information about the charging station from its website.

At the moment, the company refrains from any comments on AirPower. Some suggest that Apple just decided not to release the accessory. If you believe the earlier rumors, the engineers were unable to cope with overheating wireless charging.

Recall that one of the key features of AirPower was that with its help it was possible to charge multiple devices. For example, iPhone, smart watch and wireless headphones. By the way, last year also branded charging station, the company also announced and updated case for AirPods with a possibility of wireless charging. Information about the release date of this enhancement also disappeared from Apple’s website.


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