Users of social networks massively criticized the new model of iPhone 11 for the fact that it causes bouts of trypophobia — the so-called fear of clusters of holes. The claim caused a new triple camera, which may provoke disgust, anxiety and even panic attacks.

A phobia to holes

People who are prone to bouts of trypophobia, can’t look for a new smartphone iPhone 11 Pro with a triple camera, reports “bi-Bi-si”. According to users of social networks, susceptible to the disease, a view photos of this gadget cause them anxiety or even panic attacks.

Trypophobia — fear of clusters of holes, cavities or individual cavities. This term was first proposed in 2004.

It is believed that people trypophobic experience goosebumps, shivers, itching and physical discomfort, if you see holes in organic and inorganic objects.

However, with organic symptoms expressed in a more striking degree, for example, trypophobia scare a honeycomb or cluster of holes in the Lotus.

Numerous trypophobia holes seem “disgusting” or “terrible”. It is not known yet what are the underlying causes of this phobia, but two of the most popular among scientists is the Association with skin diseases and classification of a subject as dangerous as it is associated with poisonous animals.

It is known that the official medicine has not yet recognized the trypophobia, but the number of people who claim that they are itching just looking at a sponge for washing dishes, is growing every year. Among the celebrities who suffer from trypophobia, are actress Sarah Paulson and model Kendall Jenner.

While scientists say that all of humanity in varying degrees, affected trypophobia, in some people this fear may be expressed so that brings real inconvenience and lower quality of life.

So, some of trypophobia complained of constant vomiting cursory look at the holes, and others are so emotional that you lose the ability to work for a few days.

“Itch every time I see”

While many social media users made fun of a questionable design triple chambers, trypophobia complained that the new iPhones are causing them discomfort throughout the body.

“Apple did not think about trypophobia when creating iPhone 11 Pro. I can’t buy a gadget because itching every time I see him,” complains one user on Twitter.

Apple did not think of us that have TRYPOPHOBIA when making the iphone 11 pro. I cant buy it and be itchy all over every damn time I look at it. — Mrs. Ummeeta Rabiu (@ummeetaa_x) 11 September 2019.

“New iPhone scares me with its three small chambers,” agrees the girl named Christine, adding the hashtag #trypophobia GIF and saying “can’t see”.

The new iPhone is creeping me TF out with the 3 little cameras. #Trypophobia— Christine Emmanuelle (@MiSsChRiS710) September 10, 2019.

“Please, stop publishing iPhone with extra holes. I try so hard that I puked. #Trypophobia exists, it is real,” complains @Amanda_Chiidera.

User with the nickname @GGFM believes that iPhone 11 — another proof that the standards of Apple’s design not the same as before:

“Steve jobs would never have released a phone that causes trypophobia”.

There were those who first learned of trypophobia after the presentation of iPhone 11 Pro and related publications on Twitter. Some of them do not treat the issue seriously and threaten to buy a new gadget to check which friends are exposed to this fear. Others joke that the imaginary trypophobia say those who just can’t afford a new model and trying to write it off as a syndrome.

At the September presentation in the Theatre of Steve jobs Apple has introduced three new models of iPhones — iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. iPhone 11 is the successor to the iPhone XR c LCD-display 6.1 inches. The cost of the basic version of the iPhone 11 with 64 GB will be $699.

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhone replaced the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. iPhone 11 Pro got a 5.8-inch OLED display, and iPhone 11 Pro Max — 6.5-inch OLED display. Unlike the iPhone 11, in both premium models are triple-camera with a ultrawide and a telephoto lens.

In addition, as part of its presentation, Apple introduced a new generation iPad, and Apple Watch, and also recalled about the autumn launch of Apple services and Apple TV Acrade+.

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