New batch of emojis that are added Apple on Tuesday 30 November, contains 158 new image. Among them are simultaneously closed his eyes and skrivelse mouth face — and users can’t understand what it means.

Put all into confusion Emoji from update update 12.1 simultaneously winks, curves, mouth and blushes. It turned out, in real life, these emotions, few people watched.

Can someone explain this Emoji?

Twitter users decided not to wait for explanations Apple and tried to set the value of the mysterious person together.

A stroke?

When you speak with the guy

When you come

That face when you’re photographed at the right

About new emojis…

Guys like you, who think that picture is sexier if you bite your lip

When burped and try to blow air through the corner of his mouth
When the dentist injected the anesthetic on the affected side

My two cents to the discussion made Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

I have ideas about what can mean new emojis. Two meanings: 1) “That was great” 2) “Ask, I have flatulence”

Many agree that a new face is best suited for describing the influence of alcohol.

Just a drunk person

Easy… When I send drunk messages

This assumption is confirmed by the predictive text.

The same is confirmed in the encyclopedia, Emoji Emojipedia where Emoji Face called Woozy (woozy is usually translated as “intoxicated” or “dizzy”).

Face showing signs of fatigue and emotsionalnost, drunk face

But so Woozy Face looks on other platforms.

What does the Emoji?

Drunk face

Something else


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