In two States simultaneously launched the antitrust review against Google and Facebook, amplifying the already severe pressure on the largest corporations in Silicon valley. American authorities continue to look for ways to reduce the impact of the IT giants, which gradually penetrate into many spheres of life of modern society.

In the United States in relation to Facebook and Google start two parallel antitrust investigations. About it reports Wall Street Journal.

Checking Google will deal with the attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton. It is reported that the state’s attorney’s office became interested in the influence of Google on the market of digital advertising, as well as potential damage to users, which causes the IT giant, being a de facto monopoly in the industry.

Simultaneously, the public advocate of new York Letitia James intends to arrange a test social network Facebook.

“We continue to conduct bilateral negotiations about the uncontrolled power of large technology companies,” save James in a statement to The Wall Street Journal, when asked to comment on the investigation.

“The attorneys General involved in the test, the control of security of personal data from major tech companies. They should be held accountable for anti-competitive practices that threaten the privacy of user information”, — said the lawyer.

In July this year Facebook made a deal with the Federal trade Commission (FTC), the United States, agreeing to pay a fine in the amount of $5 billion for the scandal Cambridge Analytica associated with a data breach.

The press service of Facebook declined to comment. The Google representative stated that his company is cooperating with authorities.

“Google services help people every day, creating more choices for consumers and support thousands of jobs and small businesses across the country. We continue to cooperate with regulators, including attorneys General, answering questions about our business and rapidly growing sector of technology,” said Google spokesman Jose Castaneda.

According to sources, in the future antitrust investigation by the authorities can apply not only to Google and Facebook, but also other companies.

Public opinion polls show Americans increasingly disillusioned with technology companies, in particular in social networks, despite the fact that they have for him affection or even addiction.

“Extraordinary monopoly in the technology industry are harmful to consumers and, in our opinion, this is bad for America. Monopoly stifles innovation because entrepreneurs avoid competition with Google, Facebook and other tech giants. We need something to do with it,” said the attorney General of Tennessee Herbert Slater III at the June hearing on the issues of Antimonopoly legislation in the technology industry.

In July this year it became known that the Ministry of justice of the United States has begun an antitrust investigation against the largest online platforms.

It is reported that the Ministry of justice in its investigation would take into account common concerns of users, businesses and entrepreneurs regarding Internet search, social networking, and online retailers.

“Without the practice of market competition online platforms can behave as if they are not responsible to consumers. Antitrust investigation of the Ministry of justice will be engaged in this important issue,” said assistant attorney General makan Delrahim.

In a statement the Agency will not specify the companies that will come under review, but the WSJ claims that we are talking about Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple. Shares of Facebook, Google (parent company Google), and Amazon fell more than 1% after the statement of the Ministry of justice. Apple shares also lost value.

CNBC stresses that this investigation is a very powerful measure taken by the United States attorney General William Barr in relation to Silicon valley. This decision is backed by both Republicans and Democrats.

“They [Google and Facebook] too much power, and no limits,” said Senator Lindsey Graham.

“Such predatory seizure of power to require strict and rigid investigations, and antitrust sanctions”, — says the Senator-Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

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