Why in 2018 need to buy a current model, and not to pray on a retro version.

With the release of the updated MacBook Pro 2018, official sales have gone the “old” 15-inch Retina version — with the usual USB-A ports and the MagSafe magnetic connector.

In social networks, as expected, began the hysteria: sprinkle calls to dismantle rather stale in stores instances or go on Avito for models in good condition. This behavior has little resemblance to a rational choice and is reminiscent of the denial of the obvious.

Around the, in addition to the everyday convenience of connecting peripherals, the new MacBook Pro is totally outdone by predecessors. The arguments of the defenders of the rarity there — but they are less convincing. Here are three main example.

The loss in performance is almost there

Haters say: it makes no sense to buy a new computer, which won’t be significantly faster, but forced to fool with cables. As always, this is a description of a very specific scenario — when the laptop is not squeezing the maximum capacity, and is used as a media browser/typewriter.

The reality is that to cope with dozens of tabs in Safari, viewing movies or editing documents and spreadsheets, can any MacBook released in the last decade. This is no exaggeration: when I was working on a MacBook Pro 2009 with the upgrade RAM and SSD, everyday tasks were performed perfectly.

Fill in the calendar, write a note or text, the minimum process multiple images — performance in these tasks, “poppies” retain to the last. Another flashback: once had to work for 11-inch MacBook Air 2011 2 GB of RAM on Board. It was hard, but tolerable.

It is clear that in the same context, MacBook Pro 2015 still looks brutal device and it has enough margin of safety. Another 2-3 years the laptop runs fine. But does it make sense to make the trade-offs, taking into account the whole picture?

Installation or export videos, latest MacBook Pro digest much faster. The speed of read/write for SSDS has also increased — which is another plus to the system performance. Productivity growth for the new processors is impressive even in comparison with the previous generation (up to 70% for the 15-inch version), what to speak of the “Oldies”.

If we’re really talking about professional audience, all of these are important parameters, and not simple strings from the marketing descriptions. MacBook Pro can be criticized for unreliability, but poor performance can not blame them.

Ports are too important

Discussion around the ports — the hottest in relation to the MacBook Pro. It’s been two years, and a radical Apple still shocking. How was it possible to remove everything we used to live and what was adapted peripherals? Why not keep at least one USB or A SD card slot? Honest answers, we are unlikely to hear, and comic version, like “it’s not like johnny Quince” sounds quite convincing.

But hold onto junk just for the sake of more convenient connections is not normal. To begin with, y old MacBook Pro also have a relatively useless connectors: two Thunderbolt ports. They can be used to connect monitors or RAID storage, but the third version of the Thunderbolt is actively repairing positions offering better throughput and flexibility. A couple of years about the second Thunderbolt will be forgotten.

However, the main dispute revolved around removal of USB-A connectors, through them, connect everything from external hard drives to sound cards or Lightning cables. But the solution came quickly enough. It’s not about the expensive adapter from the Apple — there are third-party hubs that return in General, all is lost, up to the SD slot and HDMI out. For example, I use this accessory from Satechi. $ 100 killed all the headache problems with the connections.

In addition, a growing collection of USB-C cables on all occasions. They can buy without fear — for the next decade from changes in the ports we are definitely insured.

In September, when Apple will finally begin shipping the iPhone with USB-C cables for charging, complaints will be much less. While people are rightly furious domestic inconvenience, but they don’t notice the benefits. For example, 3 Thunderbolt allows you to connect external video card or two pulls on a 4K display per port. This is very important.

Finally, it is possible to remember and about the size. Without massive ports the laptop became lighter, thinner, prettier. The 15-inch version was really compact and the 13-inch Proshka pushed Air. And although it is correct to say that for professional equipment functionality is always more important than design, don’t forget that we are dealing with Apple.

The old MacBook Pro is more reliable

This argument is difficult to refute, and there is no need. MacBook Pro has always been relatively reliable devices. After the scandal with sticky keys on typical keyboards, the reputation was shaken. Apple responded symmetrically and gave a free repair to all who suffer from the problem in the first 4 years after purchase of the device.

MacBook Pro 2015, meanwhile, earned reputation points — its keyboard is much more reliable and the buttons are easy to replace. But no technique is not perfect. The old models also happen problem: burned out video card, infinitely broken and erased MagSafe connectors, critically wear out screen hinges, unstick anti-reflective coating. They are easier and cheaper to repair is inversely proportional to noise, which rises to the public.

No matter how fair was the anger at the unreliable keyboard, it still fails for every other user. Judging by the demand for repair under the extended warranty, the problem was really not so massive — just long and hard to replicate. Tell and from my own experience: for the 9 months of using the new MacBook Pro, problems with sticking did not occur. Whether their appearance in the future? Of course. Whether one is terms of rejection of the modern computer? Not at all.

How to be

Skipping to run for the new computer is not necessary. If you have a MacBook Pro version 2015 or later, and if it suits you — you can safely tease new models, remaining with his unit as long as you want. In the world of Apple computer hardware upgrades were never necessary. It is a matter of personal comfort and convenience.

Similarly, the arguments in favor of the new MacBook Pro can be put to rest, if there are strict limits on budget — b/attracted by this price. Enthusiasts still collect from unibody versions of sane computers, changing SSD and RAM expanding.

But if money is not a problem, skepticism regarding new models it is time to discard. Old MacBook Pro good, but inevitably degrade with time. They look more bulky (frame around the screen), prohibitively heavy, lagging in performance.

With a strong stretch you can call them the most comfortable choice in 2018 — and even then, if you are radically opposed to buying one USB hub or wire pair. But the title of “best MacBook” versions of the past to give does not. Always need to invest in the future.


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