Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined those calling to “destroy” the largest IT-companies due to their enormous influence and monopoly. According to Wozniak, Apple had to dismember a few years ago that has had a positive impact on the indicators of “Apple”.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, has long departed from Affairs in the company, never hesitated to criticize the brand that he helped create. This week in an interview with Taylor Riggs for Bloomberg he said that Apple is “one ought to destroy”.

Review Wozniak refers to the problem that is often raised in American society — IT corporations in Silicon valley have become so big, got too much power.

Such conglomerates, it becomes very difficult to control, which can not but arouse the fears of the authorities of the United States.

In addition, according to Wozniak, the Apple split would benefit the company, allowing individual engineers to implement their ideas in isolation from head office.

“Apple is long overdue to break up into independent units, which are far from each other, and allow them to work independently… This is my opinion, and facts to prove it, no. Other people may think differently. But I think that large IT companies have become too big, they have a lot of control over our lives and they took away our right to choose,” said Wozniak.

Co-founder also touched on the topic of close relations, the current head of Apple Tim cook and the President of the United States Donald trump. It is known that “Apple” can threaten duties on imported Chinese goods, introduced as part of a trade war with China, which led to close contacts Apple CEO and President.

Last week, the us leader said that he likes to cook because he periodically calls the President on a personal phone.

“Therefore, he [Tim cook] — great Director. Because he calls me and others don’t. Others hire very expensive consultants, and Tim cook is calling Donald Trump himself. It is very good”, — stressed the head of state.

Steve Wozniak said that he has a negative attitude to tariffs and duties, but questioned the methods of cook.

According to Wozniak, he would never cooperate with trump:

“I wouldn’t do it, because I am not sure that this President is capable of doing something productive.”

The engineer also commented on the situation around Facebook and Google, which has long been accused of trade in user data, as their business model is based on selling advertising to marketers. According to Wozniak, it is necessary to strengthen competition in this area. In addition, he expressed his desire to pay extra for IT giants in exchange for a waiver of permanent surveillance of him.

Previously, the call of Silicon valley, which has become too “big”, threw the candidate in presidents of the United States 2020 Elizabeth Warren. The Senator seriously declared that “the collapsed Valley”, if it manages to win the election.

“In order to restore the balance of power in our democracy, promote competition and be confident that technological innovation next generation will be not less bright than in the past, it is necessary to destroy our largest technology companies,” said Warren, referring to Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Presidential candidate confident that such reforms will not affect Internet users will be able to use the services of Google, Facebook or Amazon, but small businesses will have a chance to compete with the IT giants of Silicon valley on an equal footing.

It is reported that to Apple, not mentioned in the original publication, Elizabeth Warren also has a claim.

The conviction of the Senator, “Apple” the company should not manage the App store and disperse a mobile app.

Similar is the opinion of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia, which at the beginning of August this year filed a case against Apple in connection with antitrust practices. As follows from the statement of the FAS, the decision on carrying out of Antimonopoly investigation was made in connection with the actions of the Corporation in the market of distributing applications for iOS. The fact that the official app for the Apple operating system can be distributed only through the App Store, which greatly complicates the life of developers.

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