Apple will close down iTunes, reports Bloomberg, citing its sources. Instead, the service the company will offer users several different applications, which you can buy music, movies, podcasts and so on. Likely, they will be called: Music, TV and Podcasts.

Apple has long needed to do that, iTunes in its current form is outdated, says blogger Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov.

Valentin Petukhov, blogger, founder of YouTube channel Wylsacom “iTunes will be closed in the state in which he now exists as a kind of application where you can see the video and listen to the music, and make a backup of the smartphone. Apparently, in the state in which the application resides, it does not need. The service itself will be divided into three separate components. It’s the TV service where you watch the video and enjoy the new service “TV Plus”, which will be launched in the near future while in the US, but then, perhaps, will come to us. Additionally there will be Music, where you can shop as before, albums and listen to streaming Apple Music service. And a separate Podcasts app. The question arises: where is the backups? According to rumors, this would also be the Music app, which is not quite logical. But apparently the company decided that it would be better, because people don’t quite understand why they need iTunes itself. The division into three service apparently will allow Apple to strengthen its presence in the world of services. If a few years ago it was rather weak direction, which brought, of course, some kind of hill [money] decent, but compared to all the other areas of the company did not stand out with something interesting, today is quite a serious business, which can be considered the second in importance for the company after iPhone. Of course, now, I think there will be a big movement towards the development of these areas, so iTunes, say, has done its job, iTunes may die, and he will be replaced by three new services, which, in fact, will result from the known one, but more probably in an easily understandable format.”

For users, the procedure should go smoothly. All previous purchases and previously compiled playlists will not disappear, said the chief editor Nikita Goryainov.

— Playlists will not have to create from scratch because they are initially stored in iCloud photo library. They will not disappear anywhere. Regardless, if tomorrow, say, shut down iTunes completely, including the store, the playlists have all remained in place. Purchased videos, movies, music are not going anywhere, it is unique. In this respect, for users, nothing will change.

Don’t wait whether Apple has the appearance of a normal application for the radio?

— Most likely, applications for radio will not be for a simple reason: it’s a very narrow category, there are no prerequisites to do it separately. Apple still can’t make a normal app for podcasts, although it has been three years, if not more. The launch a separate app for radio is unlikely.

It is expected that the decision to close iTunes will be announced June 3 at a conference for developers Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

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