Despite the fact that the new OS Catalina Apple abandoned iTunes, replacing it with multiple applications, the Windows version is not just available, but also can bring its users a nasty surprise, according to PCMag.

As it turned out, created the Apple program Bonjour, which is used to update iTunes on Windows, opens the way to the computer for malicious software. Cybersecurity experts Morphisec found that the launch of viruses through undetected ostaetsya Bonjour installed on the computer antivirus and the program itself does not distinguish where the update for iTunes, and where the outsider malicious software.

It turned out that previously, the hackers behind the virus BitPaymer, found vulnerability and successfully used it in their attacks. While Apple released an update for iTunes for Windows 7 and Windows 10 does not guarantee protection of computers.

According to experts, even after you install update or reinstall iTunes on the computer can be the old version of Bonjour with the vulnerability, so it is better to be removed manually.

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