Bloomberg, citing unnamed Apple employees reported that a potential successor to Tim cook as head of Apple, the company many see Apple COO Jeff Williams.

At the moment, Williams is already responsible for many projects of the company. In particular, he manages a division of Apple Watch works with the Department of fitness and health, but also pays attention to the AppleCare.

In addition, a few years ago, Apple COO began to show interest in design, philosophy and positioning of new Apple products. As a result, now Williams is temporarily responsible for the design of Apple products. He is assisted by the Vice-President of Apple’s industrial design Evans Hankey and Vice-President in interface design Alan Grant.

According to employees of Apple, Williams is a lot like Tim cook. But he pays great attention to the final product. It is worth noting that the recent authoritative edition of the Wall Street Journal reported about another potential purpose of the Williams. According to journalists, chief operating officer of Apple in the future may take the post Jonathan Ive.


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