An additional incentive for participants!

Apple listened to the complaints of the community that the winners in the recently-announced photo contest “Shot on iPhone” there are no prizes. Today the company has updated the press release about the competition on their official website, stating that the 10 winners of the competition will receive money for the use of their photographs in promotional materials.

On the first day of the announcement of a new contest Apple company came under criticism. The company was accused of excessive greed, as the winners did not provide any prizes or cash or in the form of Apple technology.

Criticism was so much that Apple decided to listen. According to the updated rules of the contest, the winners will get money for your photos. However, how much money will the winners receive the company did not specify.

In the competition, Apple can take all comers. To do this, simply post a photo with the iPhone Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone. Photos can be processed in any editors, including third-party.

Photos will be accepted until 7 February. After the jury consisting of professional photographers and Phil Schiller, will choose 10 winners. The winning pictures will be used in advertising Apple around the world. Each picture will indicate the name of the photographer.

Source: Apple.


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