The evening show was a popular American comedian and actor Jimmy Kimmel has been shown a mock video showing that the iPhone does not monitor users, and just collect information about them.

Before the performance the comedian assured his audience that since Apple says that is not watching their customers, then this is indeed the case. He likened the Corporation to a neighbor, who knocks on the window of the bathroom and says that do not look for the something to clean. Not to be unfounded, the team show presented a video, assembled from fragments of the promotional videos Apple.

“We can assure you that the iPhone is not watching you. What he does is saves your passwords, fingerprints and face, tracks your movement and sends any image that you have in the corporate database, that is, I wanted to say, on iCloud, so they were safe.

Apple: We don’t spy on you. But we have your Nude photos and we know where you are,” — said in humorous advertising.

Technological corporations are not seldom at the center of scandals because of the fact that unauthorized collect data about users. The hype around Facebook has cost the social network a few billion dollars. Tense and news concerning Google, which recently admitted that it continues to monitor users even if all settings are off.


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