In the podcast The Talk Show, a well-known journalist John Gruber, who specializiruetsya at Apple, said that Apple earns on sale not all of their devices. In particular, neither Apple TV nor the HomePod does not bring the cupertinos money.

According to the journalist, Apple sells its latest TV set-top box literally at cost. As for the HomePod, the situation is even worse. Gruber believes cupertinos sell your clever column with a small loss.

At the moment the price HomePod is $ 349. However, many large American retail chain often sell the Apple column with a noticeable discount. Earlier it was reported that only components to build a smart column cost Apple more than $ 200. But in addition to the cost components in the final cost of the device is influenced by the cost of research and development, software development, logistics, marketing, etc.

Gruber also noted that this is only his assumptions and conclusions. Information about the unprofitability of certain Apple products not based on any third-party data.


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