Hard to believe, considering the price of these devices.

Renowned expert and blogger John Gruber said that Apple generally does not earn on sales AirPods wireless headphones and TV set-top box Apple TV. Moreover, according to Gruber, Apple sells the “smart” column HomePod at a loss.

Gruber said that about these extremely amazing features pricing Apple told him checked, the insiders of the company. Amazing they are because AirPods, Apple TV and HomePod — not the cheapest devices and are considered a premium for its class.

According to sources Gruber, Apple uses the best components, which can not boast of counterparts from other manufacturers. That is why the final price of the company’s devices higher than those of competitors. However, it also leads to the fact that the company sells the device at cost.

Also, the blogger said that Apple knows what to do. The company is positioning AirPods, Apple TV and HomePod as “auxiliary” devices able to provide access points to paid services of the company. In this regard, Apple is intentionally selling gadgets, not earning on them.

Note that John Gruber is a very experienced specialist, who have correctly predicted Apple’s plans. However, given the large price AirPods, Apple TV and HomePod, his words and believe not all fans of Apple.

Source: Ai.com.


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