Today it became known that the main design Director of Apple Jonathan Ive leaving the company. Almost immediately after that, the network began to appear information about the reasons for leaving, as well as some rumors regarding the secret projects worked on, Ive. For example, sources reported that Apple design chief came up with a few early prototypes of Apple car.

Some of the prototypes were made of wood and had no steering. According to the designer, the vehicle had to be controlled by voice assistant.

This concept was even demonstrated to Tim cook. Especially for this Ive invited the actress that was supposed to imitate Siri and answer the queries of the head of the company. How Tim cook responded to such an idea is unknown.

Interestingly, earlier in the network already appeared information about the unmanned vehicle Apple in which there will be neither steering nor pedals. Such rumors Bloomberg shared a few years ago. However, no concrete data if not reported.


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