Last Friday it became known that Apple design chief Jonathan Ive plans to leave the company where he worked for almost 30 years. How could you figure out the journalists of The Wall Street Journal, Ive thought about leaving for quite some time. One of the reasons for this are some differences with the leadership of Apple.

Reporters noted that any serious discrepancies between IWOM and top managers of the company are not talking. The designer just liked the decisions that were taken by the leadership. As an example, the authors of the WSJ lead the situation with the Apple Watch.

In 2015, when Apple released its first smart watch, Ive was insistent that the device was positioned as a fashion accessory. That is why the company released the gold Apple Watch. However, the new product was positioned more as an add on to the iPhone. As a result, many did not want to pay for an expensive version of Apple Watch and the company was able to realize only a quarter of stocks of gold watches.

The failure of the Apple Watch Edition is strongly influenced by jony Ive. He was much less likely to appear in the workplace, which in turn negatively affected the atmosphere in the team and some workflows. As a result, some designers decided to leave the company.

Also Ive not satisfied with the attitude of Tim cook to the process of creating new devices. According to reports, the current head of Apple is not too interested in the innovation process and often saw them after the presentation.

In 2017, the cook asked Quince to take a more active role in product development. But Jonathan was not able long to work in normal mode, periodically leaving to the UK for personal reasons. Apparently, this format did not suit the hand, and Ive decided to leave Apple.

However, the departure of Apple does not mean that China will cease to cooperate with Apple company. According to reports, Apple will become the first and so far the main client of the design firm LoveFrom that opens Jonathan Ive.


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