Jonathan Ive, the renowned designer who had a hand in the creation of a number of “Apple” devices, left Apple. He worked in Cupertino for 29 years and it’s the first iPhone, iMac, iPod and MacBook with aluminum case. He also belongs to the interface design of iOS 7. And Ive voiced most of the clips with new product announcements.

Apple will continue to benefit from the talent Joni, working directly with him on exclusive projects. After many years of close cooperation I am happy that our relations are developing and look forward to a lengthy collaboration with Joni in the future.

Tim cook, Apple CEO

Designer left because he established his own Studio LoveFrom with which the Cupertino’s company will interact. The Studio will work in the coming year and will engage in “design”.

After nearly 30 years of work and countless projects, I’m most proud of the creation of a team of Apple developers that have no equal. Today the company is stronger, brighter and more talented than ever in its history.

Jony Ive
It is noted that the external view of the company’s products will now do the Vice-President of industrial design Evans hunks and Vice-President in interface design Alan Grant.

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