More than half of Russian Internet users (61%) have experience of use of music streaming, according to J’son & Partners Consulting. Listening to music is among the steady habits of our fellow citizens: 48% listen to music almost daily, and 69% do so three times a week. According to the consultants, streaming the fastest growing segment of the music industry and it can be considered an engine of growth in the period 2014-2018 In the near future streaming will remain the main method of consumption and monetization of audio content. The audience in Russia has historically been used to pay for music. In 2007, with result $401,7 million music market in our country is ranked ninth in the world in terms of revenue. All legal sales had at the moment on physical media (CD, vinyl records and cassettes). Legitimate markets for music sales on physical media and digital sales, Russia In 2018, the revenue of the market for music streaming in Russia amounted to 4.7 billion rubles. This is not the limit. J’son & Partners Consulting forecasts that in the period up to 2021, the market will continue to grow. According to calculations by the consultants, in 2021, the sales of streaming services will reach 18.6 billion rubles (CAGR will be 58%. CAGR — compound annual growth rate given compound interest).). In developed countries, running from 7 to 10 services music streaming. In Russia now there are eight players, and their number is unlikely to substantially increase. Analysis of prospects of development of the market has shown that its structure will change under the impact of the growth in the total number of subscribers and advertising expenses, and marketing policy of the existing players. The market for music streaming in Russia, billion rubles, in 2016 — 2021 gg (forecast) Key drivers for market growth of streaming services will be: — Leadership of Russia by the share of users streaming in the total number of music listeners (87%). The increase in cash collection of mobile devices, which account for 65% of total consumption of music streaming services in Russia — the growing number of connected devices like smart speakers, and in the future connected cars. — The fight against piracy. — Increase of tariffs. The music streaming is included in the ecosystem of large corporations, today brings a high income and is not self-sufficient source of profits. While companies use music to create customer loyalty to the entire ecosystem. Extension of media services, according to J’son and Partners Consulting can be achieved through: — Self-development. — Acquiring start-UPS and established companies. Collaboration with a partnership model. J’son & Partners Consulting also forecasts an increase in revenues of music streaming in world to $14.3 billion in 2021 (CAGR 17%), and the growing number of paid subscribers to 446 million This process will be supported by emerging markets (Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia) and countries to the late adoption of music streaming (e.g. Germany and Japan). The world’s largest companies are Spotify (free and premium services) and Apple Music (the first choice a paid service for iOS users). The largest number of users of the music streaming services in the US, China and India, and in the latter two leading local players.

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