A year ago, 13 June 2018, in the house of the head of the Serpukhov area of Moscow suburbs Alexander Shestun broke 40 submachine, and the next day he was arrested for “abuse of office”. Before this date the wife of Shestun Julia gave a “Companion” interview.


19 April 2018 Shestun has published on YouTube the appeal of the pressure of the security forces and regional authorities. The cause of the conflict Shestun called the desire of the Moscow region Governor Vorobyov eliminate Serpukhov district and rallies against landfill “Forest”. From Shestun required to sign a document of resignation with an open date and did not participate in the elections.

Before and after

— How was this year?

— All is divided into before and after. At exactly 5:50 on 13 June last year, the old life was gone. And I think it will be gone. Many people simply don’t Serpukhov district destroyed — this happened a few months after the arrest of Alexander Vyacheslavovich. His “enlarged” within the borough, what’s happening in the Moscow region totally. Resisting scratching. Husband always opposed: it is understood that all settlements and areas will be abandoned and all focus exclusively in the city. Now rural facilities fall into disrepair. Well, something they certainly do for show: somewhere the road put a square and all. To the rest of the hands do not reach and will not reach — this is the “efficiency” of these large districts.

Destroyed our family. Children hard, especially the elders, because they all understand. My son Vanya now arrived and he is under tremendous pressure. To the extent that you come to the military enlistment office — he wants to the military Institute, — and there comes the call: for the names Shestun do nothing! What do you mean “not to do” is unclear. We came, we, conversely, want to serve! Younger children under a lot of stress. Matthew, once some resentment, immediately begins to cry: I want to dad!

Julia and Alexander Shestun with younger children

— In December, when you wrote another letter to the President, even the Sands once responded. Help?

December was a month of unfulfilled expectations. My husband said that in prison, hope is the most terrible thing. Because it is not always justified. December passed, and January 9, we rushed to the searches, the Prosecutor’s office with a lawsuit, Alexander V. another was charged with “Receiving bribes”. And then I realized that hope is really a terrible thing.

In December we started to grind finally. Alexander V. again went on hunger strike. As a consequence, perhaps, sought to Shestun so emotionaal. Because around 7 months with him investigative actions were not conducted almost. And on the 50th day of hunger strike began daily hours-long interrogations. April 17 in one of the confrontations he became ill. As human rights activists say, was cardiac arrest. Although, of course, can’t prove that. Here connected all human rights defenders, and finally got a date. Older children and younger I went.

— Your spouse has changed?

— I have not seen him for a very long time… Yes, minus 25 pounds. It’s just Buchenwald, other words not found. Why do you think the investigation is doing everything to avoid being brought to courts? To avoid being seen! They attorney told me that Shestun eat. If they brought him in, everyone would have perfectly understood what “eat”.

We cried on this date, I then three days were unable to move. He told me the same thing written in the email. And small it is perceived differently. He sees how they grow up, and all this without him.

Untold riches

— The arrest was on the day of registration of candidates on elections of the head of the district.

— Yes, then all thought is for the elections and after them will go. But then woke up all the vampires who wanted revenge since 2009. In our case the Prosecutor’s hand is clearly present. Along with the article about the bribe we had a Prosecutor Tyukavkin, was searched.

January search is clearly were needed for the filming of “film” class (the representative of the Prosecutor General. — Ed.) to show “untold riches”. Eventually took the child the Apple Watch and I have so-called “rolex”, which for $ 5. Can’t remember where they came from. In General, they put this plastic rolex and tell you that Shestun incredible collection of watches. There really were some very nice watch — Alexander Vyacheslavovich once gave. And award the presidential. But anyway — “expensive collection”.

Following came the civil suit of the Prosecutor General (on seizure of property 10 billion in state revenue. — Ed.) the denigration of the Federal channel. Give them an interview, they are out of it then cut what they need. But I’ve learned to talk to them. Review want? Tell them, do not answer the questions.

— And where did all of that 10 billion?

— All affiliation with Shestun proved very peculiar. They have no document, no numbers, no money transfers, that would be tied to Shestun. Just grandma on the bench said all these fields — the Marquis of Carabas. But there are three volumes of testimony. In which people with a phenomenal memory paragraphs lists: OOO Kapital-PLYUS”, LLC “National-Yug”, LLC any and all pieces of 18 — I know that all this belongs to Shestun”. And they take it as evidence. And so — from the testimony in evidence.

Now and other ex-officials come with the same claims. But Postrigan (former head of the Klin district. — Ed.) in the case of relatives though. And we have people who just greeted with Shestun, and some even know him. It’s just a new scheme of expropriation.

Kiss through the bars

Not whether thoughts: maybe just to shut up?

Even lawyers say that if he acted like that, then maybe the New year would have graduated. And I’m absolutely not sure. I’m not sure that if we hadn’t screamed, he’d still be alive.

— What do you think other heads of districts provide such pressure?

Yes. And sure thing Shestun them at the same time frightening. “You don’t want as Shestun?” Although we are now seeing many cases of “arrested some of the former Chapter.” They also sign and retire, but they then prosecute. And Shestun for this reason, there was nothing to sign. He always said even if I bend over, they will still prosecute.

But there’s good news: you with Alexander Vyacheslavovich married.

— Yes, we have a great achievement! Probably thanks to human rights activists and the Federal penitentiary service. I’m sure there worried about a record of the hunger strike and went to meet him. We really wanted to get married, but it didn’t worked. And here is the number 9, the day of her birth, we were married in the Church “Matrosskaya Tishina”. I managed her husband’s hand to hold.

I was seizing the moment, one for the whole year. There was some complaint in Basmanny court, and when I passed by the cell, the guard turned away, and I had a husband to kiss. Fortunately the wedding took place not through the glass.

P. S. on 6 June the Moscow city court for a further three months extended stay in prison the former head of the Serpukhov area Alexander Shestun.

* * *

The material was published in the edition of “Interlocutor” No. 22-2019 under the heading “Julia Shestun: Well, the wedding took place not through the glass.”

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