Husband Kim Kardashian has made a number of Frank statements.

Kanye was a guest interview for Apple Beats 1 Radio. In conversation with the host, the rapper spoke about his unusual addiction. It turned out that from early childhood, Kanye addicted to pornography.

“My father bought pornographic magazines and kept them in a prominent place. I remember I found one such magazine at the age of five and then constantly flipping through them. Over time, the log was replaced by adult pornography. I knew that I had a harmful addiction, but for years could not get rid of it. Porn helped me to forget,” said the musician.


Even relations with Kim Kardashian were not able to cure him from the addiction. Only last year CIGNA udelas to get rid of bad habits. According to West, he realized he was obsessed with sex and all of its work in many respects boiled down to this.


The rapper is concerned about the accessibility of adult content. Having access to the Internet, the child can easily see pornography.

“This is wrong. You need to make such things available for them”, — shared his thoughts Kanye.

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