The representatives of “Kaspersky Lab” has addressed in Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) with the complaint to illegal actions of Apple. According to the developers of anti-virus applications, cupertinos intends to discourage the expansion of a program for iOS called Kaspersky Safe Kids as it duplicates functionality mode “Screen time”.

The representatives of “Kaspersky Lab” note that their parental control app exists in the App Store for more than three years. During this time, Apple never filed any claims regarding the software functionality. However, some time ago the developers received a notification that Kaspersky Safe Kids violate the rules of the store.

Apple demanded to remove from the program control function of the application and lock the Safari browser. Developers Kaspersky Safe Kids does not agree with this requirement and note that the cupertinos have changed the rules of the App Store, after appearing in iOS mode “Screen time” which also allows users to restrict the use of specific applications.

According to representatives of “Kaspersky Lab”, Apple is too tightly controlled range of its own app store, which is equivalent to the application of monopoly power.


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