In the Corporation explained that all application changes were introduced because it was required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Theoretically, Apple could reconsider the policy indicate contested borders in their apps, given the dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian side, said the press Secretary of the company Trudy Muller. And this discontent, by the way, took a frankly hysterical nature. So, for example, former foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin urged citizens not to abandon Apple products. Do not stay aside and his successor Vadim pristayko, who advised the Corporation to engage in technology, not politics. But if they refuse, then one “Apple” Independence will not get off. You will have to part with its main competitor — Google, whose maps on the territory of Russia, too, Crimea is separated from Ukraine by the black line that marked the border between the States. Users in other countries see there is a dotted line. Such solutions tech giants once again shows that they just did not engaged in politics, and guided solely by commercial interests and cannot ignore current reality. This is not the first similar scandal a “tacit” recognition of Russian Crimea. So, just a week ago, the British magazine The Economist has published a video in which the map of Ukraine have also been depicted without the Peninsula.

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