The investigation of the American journalist Hilda Lisak for several years did not give rest to the police of the state of Arizona and local residents. Every day a reporter gets many letters with demands to stop work and do something “more appropriate”. She recently received personal threats from Federal officials: it tried to intimidate a prison. However, the brave girl did not give up. As 12-year-old schoolgirl is fighting with the authorities and making a big name in journalism — in the material “”.

In mid-February, the network spread a video in which Joseph Patterson — Marshall of Patagonia, Arizona — stops next to a schoolgirl riding a bike, and threatens her. According to him, she repeatedly broke the law, lied to the police and recorded his monologue video. The girl is sure: the officer wants to arrest her and send to jail due to her active professional work. “I don’t want to hear about any freedom of the press” — it results in his words.

Not having from the young journalist of the response, Patterson had promised to tell everything to her parents and left. Lisac took his monologue calm and was not scared. Arriving home, she immediately posted a video in his little publication and described the incident. Some days it was viewed nearly half a million people. “Wow, that girl is simply awesome! The police tried to intimidate her and lied to her, but she wouldn’t. We all need to follow her example and stand up for your rights!” — admired her readers and subscribers. Lisak not the first time you have to stand up for herself: she is fighting for a place in the profession for seven years.

Passion for the pursuit of news and sensationalism, Lisak contracted in early childhood: her father worked in the New York Daily News and often took her with him to the office. The child was struck by the passion and dedication of investigative journalists, and she firmly decided that in the future will become a crime reporter. Her parents supported her intention.

In 2014, the family of Lesak moved to the area Selinsgrove in Pennsylvania. To have fun, they founded the family publishing Orange Street News (OSN), calling it “the only newspaper dedicated to Selinsgrove”. First published material was exclusive — a short news report about the birth of little Juliette, Lisac. It was written by a seven year old Hilda.

Over time, family blog grew into a news network website, Facebook page and mailing list. Mladsheklassnikov Hilda became his publisher. She helped with the development of the site, wrote little notes and already imagined himself a real journalist. But the real star hour 2 April 2016. Then nine-year-old, Lisak was in the area and interviewed local police — they finished the case of vandalism, for which she followed closely. Talking about the arrest of the offender was interrupted by an emergency call.

Overhearing messages, Lisak learned that a few blocks from her home was attacked. She immediately went to the scene on a Bicycle, police interviewed about the incident, and then quickly made news a note telling them about some old couple that received multiple injuries. At that time it was all the data, which was available to law enforcement.

After the publication of Lysak returned to the scene and began a thorough investigation. She found that it was about the murder of an elderly woman, suspected violence of her husband. Talking to neighbors and police, the girl recorded an operational video of the incident and have released a text article with the headline “EXCLUSIVE: MURDER ON NINTH STREET.” She became the first journalist appeared on the scene.

After a high-profile publication on the young reporter drew the attention of the whole neighborhood. Page Orange Street News in Facebook and YouTube channel filled with comments of angry readers. They tried to convince the girl to quit journalism and do it more suitable, in their view, things. “I hate that this cute little girl imagines himself a real journalist. Where were the tea parties?” — was angry with one of them. “A nine year old girl should play with dolls and not try to become a reporter”, — echoed another. The investigation responded to even the former head of the district Selingsgrove, calling it “sensational rubbish”.

Lisak, responded to the criticism calmly. Wearing a badge “I love freedom of speech,” she read the most negative and insulting comments in the video “OSN responds to criticism” and put it in the net. In some places she couldn’t hold back the laughter. “If you want, I’ll stop to report the news, then come out from behind your computer and do something with the news,” she snapped. Her composure and self-confidence impressed the subscribers. Some supported the girl, not broken by the critics and predicted to her the Pulitzer prize.

The conflict between a young journalist and her readers will have noticed in the British newspaper The Guardian. The editors have published about this a few extensive articles, including the author of the column “Yes, I am a nine year old girl. But I’m also serious reporter” where Lisak told about principles of work and shame the aggressors. She accused the “adult” news sites of disinformation and concealment of important incidents, which she openly told. “Through my work I was able to tell people that there was a terrible murder before my competitors came into the game,” explained the journalist.

In her opinion, the readers were outraged that the child first came from the not for the “cute” news about pleasant events, and for the investigation of crimes.

The reporter demanded to be taken seriously, and noticed that he started his career in journalism in order to pricked the public. “To me, maybe nine years old, but I realized that my job as a reporter is to convey to the people the truth. I work for them, not the police,” snapped the girl. In the final, she said that any ambitious kid can make a really big and amazing things if the will to work hard, and it did not spoil his happy childhood.

Integrity, Lisac made her the idol of the students. Popularity brought her some commercial contracts. Now she is together with her father writes children’s books about his journalistic adventures, as they come in the series, “Hilda solves the case” in the publishing house Scholastic. The career of a young reporter interested in the Apple Corporation is going to make a series based on her investigations.

Sudden notoriety allowed Lisak to join the ranks of qualified reporters. She became the youngest member of the oldest “Community of professional journalists,” and got along with her older sister Isabel, the Tribeca Disruptive Innovations award for the development of the publication OSN. In 2016, the circulation of Newspapers reached 500 copies, and the Internet audience in the hundreds of thousands. 12-year-old Isabelle Lysak became the youngest columnists in the US who receive a salary for journalism.

Hilda has interviewed several famous personalities, including the Nobel peace prize winner Malala yousafzai. After meeting her the young journalist donated monthly ad income of Orange Street News charity Malala Fund, which is fighting for free and quality education for girls. Passion for social activities manifested, Lisak before the arrival of popularity in early 2016, she collected funds for additional security of your neighborhood from vandals. Her efforts were crowned with success.

For several years Hilda Lysak has successfully combined the studies in school with publishing, but in 2019 they met local authorities. On February 18, the official channel of Orange Street News appeared on YouTube video “the Publisher OSN Hilde Lisak threatened with arrest.” In the description it is specified that a cause of persecution was the professional activities girls.

In the video, Lisak asks the law enforcement officer Patterson, how she broke the law. That indicates that she has no right to publish online video with his participation. When she removes the lens from his face to the side, he continues to intimidate her: “You lied to me, saying that they were going home, this is unacceptable,” he said. After a few seconds he again interrupted her explanation with accusations of lies and threats. In this conflict almost all members supported the journalist. They confirmed that she had not violated the law, a COP, a fraud threatening the child looked “like a fool”. “Shame on the tyrant!” — called users.

This incident once again attracted the attention of the world press. In interviews with the Associated Press, Patterson insisted he wasn’t lying, but answered the question if he would have her arrested. According to him, after the publication of the video online, he received many anonymous calls and messages, he even threatened to kill. His behavior was condemned and the legal profession. Numerous complaints on the incident was received in the city administration. Her staff promised to “take action”.

Hilda Lisac said on Twitter she was pleased with the progress in the case, but does not support the proliferation of personal data in the police network. “I’m focused on protecting our rights of the First amendment. Thank you,” she concluded. Mentioned it is part of the American bill of rights prohibits restrictions of the press and freedom of speech in General.

Unwavering integrity and confidence of the young, Lisac was highly appreciated by colleagues. The President of “the society of professional journalists” J. Alex Tarquinio called her behavior in extreme situations demonstration of the “qualities of a good, ethical, persistent journalist.”

However, Lisak not unsettle nor obstacles, nor praise. She continues to regularly publish a note on Orange Street News and record videos for the same channel. Her recent investigation, published on 14 February, is dedicated to the security of the southern borders of the United States. For the preparation of the material she specifically traveled to the border state. In the video, recorded by all the rules of television plot, 12-year-old reporter interviewing locals to personally check the security of the state border. “I’m in Mexico,” she concludes in the finale, climbing over an unguarded fence. Over the years, subscribers are accustomed to the unusual the lady and appreciated her professionalism, “Wow! Need dvenadtsataya to demonstrate that such an objective report. Something long lost, the main news agencies.”

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