Bedros Kirkorov said “Interlocutor”, as Joseph Kobzon helped his son Philip in the moment when our colleagues began to persecute the singer. According to him, provocations against Philip does not stop until now.

The father is “the king of pop” said that Kobzon has played an important role in the fate of his son, when he was accused of beating of the illuminator at the Palace of congresses. The media “fanned a scandal” and demanded to ban Kirkorov to speak.

“Under this paper was signed by some actors, and went with her to Kobzon, he is also signed. You know what Joseph did? He took it, and tore up the petition and said, “You’re crazy! Never!”, — said Bedros Kirkorov.

According to him, the media continue to periodically “touch” Philip. One of the latest examples is the publication in the Latvian press, according to which Kirkorov allegedly owed to a local Bank 46 million rubles. The father of the singer called the information about it in the media “provocation.”

“Many artists, including Mozart, have suffered from these things. Envy from the less successful is and always will be. And every artist who withstands this pressure, big fellow. My son is actually the hero. To withstand such as he is, few can” — he said.

Previously, as reported in the Rambler, Philip disgraced in front of subscribers in Instagram, trying to give the old iPhone model in the recently released smartphone of the 11th generation. On the morning of September 22, “the king of pop” recorded stories in Instagram, in which he boasted that he gave the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. The artist made a picture on the phone, by signing the photo, the phrase “Sunday set out in the morning.” However, careful subscribers quickly caught Kirkorov, fraud, recognizing in the “new smartphone” iPhone X, which was presented by Apple in 2017. Faced with criticism of fans, the singer quickly deleted the post.

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