Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is confident that the future of Apple depends on the development of technology autopilot and augmented reality. These projects will be core to the company over the next several years.

Kuo believes that the Apple Car will appear on roads of cities around 2023-2025 years. That the company Tim cook is developing self-driving car known for a long time. According to the analyst, now the Corporation is focused on creating the appropriate software and licensing from third-party producers, by analogy with the process of the development of CarPlay. However, the hardware is also in the spotlight.

Ming-Chi believes that Apple Car will be a priority project for the next few years. There are a number of reasons:

  • modern automotive industry like the smartphone market almost a decade ago;
  • new technologies such as augmented reality, Apple could rethink the car and to produce a product different from what others are doing.
  • the development of new areas of activity will further strengthen the financial position of the Corporation;
  • better integration of machinery, software and supporting services will become serious competitors the advantage of Apple.

Will not leave the company and development of projects related to augmented reality. Apple for several years developing ARKit, so the next step should be the implementation of hardware that brings together technological advances with the software.

Kuo declined to go into details, but notes that Apple will continue to develop its own services with sales of gadgets and extensions activities. According to the latest financial report Apple income from the sale of services increased by 31% and exceeded $ 9 billion.


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