Internet users reported disruptions to GPS navigation in Moscow: when approaching the centre of the device started to “move” people to the airport Sheremetyevo. Attention is paid to the radio station “Moscow Says”.

According to the radio, geolocation Sheremetyevo began to show people, located on Tverskaya street, Warsaw highway in the area of the Kiev station.

“Why has organized a get-together at the airport?” — asked “Yandex. Cards” Twitter user Evgeny Ghazaryan (spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter saved).

“It’s not us. The problem is not with our application” — said representatives of “Yandex. Cards”.

According to them, there was a “failures in positioning systems, which appear in many applications,” working with GPS technology. As a result, some users have encountered problems with the positioning.

User Maxim Vafin said that the same problem occurs in the Apple Maps.

“Looks like GPS jammers how about the Kremlin thing,” he wrote.

On problem with GPS in Moscow users have begun to complain in 2016. Then when approaching the Kremlin some devices or lose their connection with the satellite, or show that their owners are in Vnukovo or Domodedovo. Failure, in particular, has caused difficulties for drivers and taxi customers.

Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is no “jamming”, which can lead to disruption of location-based devices. The question of the existence of such a technique he had forwarded the intelligence and the Federal security service.

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