Recently Larisa Guzeeva got from critics for the popcorn, which is leading bought at the cinema, after all, fans were convinced that the star is on a diet and does not violate it. But the next publication of the actress in the social network Instаgram pleased many, because she shared a recipe of Apple jam.

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Guzeeva and Epple responded to a photo of 29-year-old son Kudryavtseva of sestrenkoy TV presenter has already become a grandmother. She grows one year old grandson play it so much.

“I started cooking Apple the beauty of longing, but the result is so pleased that the mood is improved by itself”, — said the actress caption the image with pots filled to the brim full of peeled and cut apples.

Then the actress described the process of making jam and wished everyone a good night. However, commentators did not think to calm down. They have begun to share recipes for preserves of other fruits. And Larisa Guzeeva asked a question about keeping her “Apple delights” and the temperature of the Goodies before pouring in banks.

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Earlier, Larisa Guzeeva boasted a beautiful and warm buying for the winter. The actress bought a fur coat to the floor.

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